Pattonville begins updating its strategic plan

On Sept. 20, Pattonville School District began work with parents, students, community members, staff and area leaders to update its strategic plan during its first CSIP (Comprehensive School Improvement Plan) meeting of the year. The updated plan will focus on ensuring all students are successful both in school and beyond and planning for and addressing any critical issues that may arise. Pattonville updates its strategic plan every five years.

“District and local school improvement is viewed as a community effort in Pattonville,” said superintendent Dr. Barry Nelson. “The process of bringing community stakeholders together to provide meaningful input regarding school improvement goals and targets has been in place for many years and results in a high quality plan. This year's kindergarten students will graduate in 2035 and the steps we take today as a school community to plan the future will direct the focus and actions of the school district for the next five years. Our mission for the Class of 2035 and all other Pattonville students continues to be: 'That All Will Learn ... to become responsible citizens in a nurturing environment where diversity means strength, knowledge means freedom and commitment means success.’ "  

The district established three goals for the CSIP committee to review at the meeting. The goals are related to the Missouri School Improvement Program, or MSIP 6, the state accreditation program. Pattonville’s CSIP goals are:

  • Student learning - Ensure students demonstrate understanding and application of state academic standards. Establish learning systems so all students are proficient in core subjects and are ready to exceed beyond graduation. Design a student responsibility framework for preschool through 12th grades that leads to all students being responsible citizens. Make career and technical education an integral part of the education program. Organize and promote opportunities for students at all levels, establish programming that prepares students for high school academic and athletic options and enhance support for such programming.
  • Align school goals - Develop and implement building-level school improvement plans (SIP) that are consistent with the district CSIP. School plans should improve structure, instruction and climate that supports improved student achievement and responsibility.
  • Critical issues - Create a plan that addresses short- and long-term areas of focus that can impact the district. These areas include enrollment, facilities, funding, safety and staffing.

The district will host three district CSIP meetings this school year. Each school in Pattonville has a committee made up of staff, students and parents that will determine steps their school can make to improve programs, services and/or student achievement and develop a school SIP that aligns with the district CSIP. The meeting on Sept. 20 focused on reviewing and providing feedback on and discussing action steps for the district CSIP. Attendees also reviewed information about Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds, including where funds have been used and community survey results related to future spending of the funds, and participated in an activity to discuss how to strategically use the remaining funds. Subsequent meetings will focus on district and individual school plans.

Additional district-level meetings for the CSIP update will take place on Nov. 15, 2022, and Feb. 21, 2023. The goal is to present an updated plan to the Board of Education in March 2023. Work groups and school improvement teams will also meet separately to continue their work in between the district-level meetings. For more information or to get involved, contact your local school or the teaching and learning department at (314) 213-8005.


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